Transform Your Insurance Sales Scripts Into Questions And Double Your Sales

Here we are at the end of summer, and I’ve had a fine time. My summer has been a great balance of work and play. When I planned my three-week vacation, my work calendar looked rather empty and I was a little worried. Now I see that I protected a lot of time to have fun (summer is so-o-o short in Canada ), and in doing so, gave myself the time and space to recharge, to think, and to create.

Does your sales presentation squeal? Like a loose belt squealing noise which is heard only when the engine is running, you can only hear your presentation squealing when you either debrief a call or record a presentation. If you are too focused on yourself, your products or your services, then your presentation can squeal a prospect right off of the road! Unless you get some self-assessment or feedback from a sales coach or sales manager, you won’t know about the squeals. Use techniques and skills that keep you talking more about the customer and create less noise.

Teach your sales team the best ways to achieve their goals. Give them a mission statement and discuss it with them to get their feedback. Everyone needs to have a common idea of what they want to achieve. You sales management training program should teach a good attitude, developing personally, team goals, individual goals, staying motivated, and sticking with it.

There is nothing in that process I need to hide. The customer could come to my how to sell insurance and actually feel better about buying from me. I don’t manipulate or cajole. I’m not slick or smooth. I don’t try anything I wouldn’t do with wife, parents or grandparents.

The picture most insurance recruiters paint is within six months you will be on track to make well over six figures. The recruiters and the new agents miss the trade off. They haven’t learned what many in this industry have. In order to be successful, there is a trade off. The difference is sales training.

If you’ve ever taken a presentation skills training, you know that it truly is possible to learn new skills. It’s the same with whiteboard presentation skills.

The lack of tent poles was a good challenge.Anny and I strung the tent up with miles of rope and I casually mentioned that the tent should hold up, except maybe in a thunderstorm.At 5 a.m., as the storm had already raged for six hours, rain made a lake at the bottom of the tent, and trees cracked all around us, we heard Cindy quietly saying the shma (an ancient prayer that you’re supposed to say just before you die) and Anny crying that we’d ne/ver get off the island. We survived. We got off the island.

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Transform Your Insurance Sales Scripts Into Questions And Double Your Sales

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