Put Romance Back Into Your Relationship To Save Your Marriage

Many people every day wonder how to have a happy marriage and hold on to that marital bliss that was enjoyed in the beginning. There are five things you can do though that will greatly increase the odds that your marriage will remain happy and healthy for the long haul. In a time when more than half of all marriages fail, that’s saying something.

When we want to attract men, we need to smile at them. This lets them know that we are interested. A smile is a huge attraction in the world of dating. But you do not want to seem needy, so you can not overdo the smile. Do not make it too big or too often. This gives them something to chase.

Where marketers are trying to “sexshop” people with charm, well-rehearsed scripts and by saying all the “right” things… but one look and we see how they stink to high heaven. The “stink” can take any number of forms, too. For example…

When it comes to wedding flowers, roses are the most popular. The meaning of the white roses is innocence, purity, virtue and cleanliness. Thus, the vast majority of wedding gowns are in white. The red rose is there to add excitement. Thus the meaning of the red rose is passion and love. When you combine both the red and yellow, you get pink. This means fidelity and harmony. The pink rose is used as an expression of one’s happiness, making it ideal for weddings.

If there are lots of copies of your novel available, then that’s fantastic! You’re probably getting some great circulation. No copies available at all? Patience, Grasshopper.

This first thing you’ll want to do is upload one of your standard author head shots so the world can put a face to the name that is sending them some awesome books. Make sure you smile, and ensure your photo captures the genre you write for. Since I’m a humor writer, I’m able to get away with all kinds of wacky pictures and no one can really say anything.

Other small instances that could lead to a possible break up is when you try to call your girlfriend, you are always greeted by the answering machine. If she starts to criticize things she didn’t used to like your hair or your shirt, then that’s another sign. Nowadays, she just seems to complain nonstop.

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Put Romance Back Into Your Relationship To Save Your Marriage

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