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Ever since Apple introduced the concept of the easily accessible, user-friendly apps, smart phone ownership has never been such fun. But the problem with Apple is that they are a closed club. You are either an Apple fan boy (or girl) or you are not. However, with Android, Google changed all that. Now the idea of smart phone apps is no longer the exclusive domain of the Apple kingdom. In addition, with the introduction of Windows Phone 7, the Smart phone App market is burgeoning.

Still having a hard time choosing between no follow and do follow? Fortunately there is now a middle ground. There are advanced plug-ins that allow you to go semi do follow. This is achieved through a number of options that you may select or deselect to cater to your own needs. These options include the ability to enable do follow for comments only in recent posts, this keeps all of your old posts from being spammed for backlinks; additionally you can do things like require users to register on your blog in order to receive do follow benefits. This is a great spam deterrent as most spam is generated through programs that do not provide this feature.

Click the ‘Import’ button on the far right side near each blog. WordPress calls it The Magic Button. A bar will show how many blog posts on each blog have been imported to WordPress. For example if your parent Blogger blog has 115 blog posts total and only 113 appear on WordPress, the bar will read 113/115. Comments will be imported also.

Then you have the information to say, these are the keywords I need to be doing, build out the pages on your WordPress bloggen platform for those particular buying keywords. So as a SEO specialist you’ve built all that on page stuff. Make sure you complete all the title tags and the right meta descriptions for on page SEO. Next you will want to look at crafting little pages of content to drive traffic straight to the offer, straight from that, or funneling into another sales letter, depending on what you’re working on.

Article marketing is one Organic SEO tactic every website should be using. Instead of paying high prices for seo services, why not write or hire someone to create keyword rich articles for your site. The benefits will WordPress blogs surprise you.

This is the best option if you have deep pockets. It is not cheap to hire a website designer. A plain, single page website can set you back at least fifty dollars. If you want more pages and professional looking graphics, you may have to fork out a few hundreds to over a thousand dollars.

Hope you enjoyed learning about blogging. I know I still have a lot to learn! But lucky for me, I have access to valuable training inside Empower Network that helps me every step of the way. It can help you too. Click the link below to learn more, and happy blogging!

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