When You Should Clean Or Repair Your Office Carpet

Cutting back on luxuries is a great idea — you should cut back once in a while. Unfortunately, many people will neglect important things such as getting their rug repaired. Let’s make one thing clear before we continue, getting your rug repair is not a luxury. If you neglect getting your rugs repaired, it will cost you more money in the long run.

Re-stretching is used when you want to make your carpet look as new again. This will practically remove the wrinkles on its surface and will make your carpet last longer. Before doing this operation you will need to rent a knee kicker. Then you will have to unfasten the carpet from the tack strip. The knee kicker is used to kick the carpet in one direction. After doing so, make sure the tack strip is holding the carpet down, and kick in the other direction. Make sure again that the tack strip is securing the carpet in place and see if there is any excess that needs to be trimmed away. You can then vacuum your carpet as usual without worrying about the waves in your carpet getting in the way. Voila the re-stretch is done.

Sometimes the only way to fix a spot in a carpet is to cut it out and replace it. This is true with things like cigarette burns which can burn all the way down to the backing. If you would like to repair this yourself you will need a few things. First you will need a carpet repair tool which is available at most carpet supply stores. It only costs a few dollars and it is a round cutting tool that will allow you to make a precise cut in the carpet. You will also need some adhesive disks and carpet clue.

Cut the worn carpet piece with a circular carpet cutting tool or sharp knife, but do not cut into the underlying padding, if the carpet is burned or worn beyond repair. Cut out a piece of carpet from an inconspicuous section of the home, such as carpeting that is underneath the sofa or inside a closet, to replace the worn piece. Use the damaged piece of carpet as a stencil while cutting out the replacement carpet piece.

For carpet burns you can try and fix it yourself or call in a professional. Personally I would at least try for myself, there are numerous videos on the internet showing step by step what to do, which can save you some money. If not then you can either try to hide the burn mark or hire a professional to fix it for you.

Carpet does have a grain. You can see it when you vacuum… ever notice how the carpet shows “tracks” when you put the vacuum in one direction, and seems to fluff up when you move in another direction? That is the grain, caused by manufacturing methods. This is more pronounced on some carpets than others, and you should observe your own carpet to see if you need to orient the patch to match the existing grain.

Make up a small solution of carb soda and vinegar and leave on burned area for a few minutes, this should lighten the burn if not cut off the very top with a pair of scissors.

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