Tips For Buying Cheap Train Tickets

Finally, when planning for your budget for your cheap train tickets in Europe you must consider the different economical regions that exist there. Scandinavia is the most expensive part, including Denmark. Switzerland and Austria are also pretty expensive, but not as much normally. Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands are at the following economical level. Then you’ll find Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece and finally the place where train prices will be lower is in Eastern Europe.

Be a list maker! Making lists is a great way to be sure that you did not forget anything. Take a few minutes alone in a quiet and relaxing spot and write down everything that you need to do to plan your trip. Include in this list anything that you need to do there. You might even be able to take care of some things while you are still at home before you go, such as reservations to a popular restaurant. Make a list of what to pack and things to do before you leave home.

One reason is because many of the top software programs are sold in levels. For example, you can buy levels 1-3 for $150, levels 4-6 for $150, and levels 6-10 for $150, or something like that. And if you buy all 10 levels you get a discount. So, if you’re going to Spain on holiday and your language learning goal is to learn how to cheap trains, book hotels, and order food in restaurants, you can probably get away with just buying levels 1 to 3, which will save you a lot of cash. And if you have fallen in love, and are heading out to Spain for good, buy the whole bundle, which will also save you some cash.

1st class sleepers (2-berth), and 2nd class sleepers (4-berth) with restaurant car serving full meals, snacks, drinks and beer. Advance reservation is required.

The other occasion nest to Christmas is New Year and there are parties all around the world on this occasion. You can make a trip for 7-10 days and enjoy both festivals. Now the question comes how much you can save by booking advance tickets. There are multiple offers provided by airlines and OTA’s. You can also book tickets on EMI with 0% interest rates and this will help you to save more.

My Tip: You can even save money on fare by travelling “Off Peak”. This means that you must try to purchase tickets after 10 A.M during weekdays and on weekdays and weekends after 7 P.M. So, be somewhat flexible with your travel time.

You’re getting there, that’s great. You definitely make an effort to have fun, it’s just that sometimes commitments pile-up, and get in your way. What are one or two things in your life that you could reduce or remove, allowing more time for fun? And what will you do with the new-found free time?

Booking a Train Ticket is Easy – Since February, 2009, it’s now possible to book all train tickets online in advance. So, no need to even go down to the Hua Lamphong trains station to buy one. If you plan on taking a long-distance express train (i.e.: Bangkok to Singapore or Malaysia), it is best to book in advance as the trains get booked up pretty quickly. You can book online up to 60 days in advance, though, so no problem there. For most local trains though, (trips within a few hours of Bangkok), it’s not really necessary to book in advance. Just show up an hour or so before your journey and buy a ticket at Hua Lamphong train station.

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