The Simple Rules Of Necktie Fashion

It’s important to make sure when you go out for meetings, job interviews, sales presentations, court testimony and dates, it’s important to make a ‘good impression’. What you wear will help you grab a good table at a restaurant, help by a salesperson in a departmental store, and many other things that you get from what you wear and portray.

Pick out a striped dress shirt. Determine the dominant-color stripe in the shirt and match your suit to that color. Next, choose a tie with elements that belong to the same color family as the dominant color.

With an array of delightful patterns; from paisleys, florals, mosaics, medallions, fleurettes, brocades, regimental stripes to bold motifs. And a plethora of bold colors; from intense magenta, vibrant cobalt, lustrous aqua blue, luminous teal, to opaque white. You are sure to find something to your liking.

In many locations, there aren’t many mens accessories on the market. If you want to broaden your collection but find yourself in a fashion desert or on too tight a budget, get creative: Go to a fabric store and check out the fabrics. Sure, you’ll get a lot of staresbut you might just get a wink from that cute girl behind the counter, too. You’ll always find bargains on fabric scraps. Regard the texture and weight of the fabric as well as its color: A slubby linen will look good with a linen sport coat or tweeds, but not so well with a smooth worsted suit and silk satin tie. Cut the pocket square to nearly the size of one of your existing ones, fold over the sides, press and machine stitch.

Bow tie: Well this one is a no-brainer. You have to have this one. When looking for a bow tie, always check if it’s self tying. You can choose a silk-and-wool mix or pure silk according to your taste. There’s no rocket science to tying a bow tie, the only rule being that it should never be broader than the widest part of your neck. Good online retailers have maintenance and how-to guides along with stuff of premium quality at affordable prices, so checking with them is best.

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