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When most people think of a chimney cap they may just think of it as something to keep the rain out of their chimney. But because of it’s location on the top of your home it can draw the first impression and set the look of your home.

Simon informed Larry that there was an age limit of 28 for American Idol, which seemed to perplex Larry. Then Simon said “I have a terrible feeling that song could be a hit.” To prove his point, Randy and Kara started singing it, and Larry joined in.

I remember one girl from Korea, she was all over me. She wore the tightest, sexiest brown leather tight pants outfit, and she must of been about 20 years old. The bar was having a Beauty Pageant Awards, and my girl won. She ended up being one of the funnest girls I got to spend some time with in Korea. The next day, I took a lot of flack, about going home with miss world, as they were calling her, and yes, she was very sexy.

With a blond buzz cut and wire-framed glasses, police officer Brian Walker looked like a serious guy that might cut loose singing in the shower occasionally. The American Idol judges at least showed respect for his job as an officer, but they appeared skeptical of his singing talent.

AI did manage to mine the comedic material of this moment, by having crowds of AI contestants start singing “Pants on the Ground”, as well as passerby, crew, and more. And Simon’s right–it could definitely become one of those strange viral hits.

So that was the end of American Idol auditions in Atlanta. It was an exhausting and mostly depressing episode that focused more on the worst in people rather than the best. I preferred the sunnier Boston auditions. There just may have been more crazies in Atlanta, since 25 golden tickets were issued, while Boston delivered 18 on the first day alone. So maybe the AI team simply had a lot more bad footage to show than good footage. I still think they took some of the contestant humiliation too far.

Kids and dogs live in benevolent world. They start out by trusting you and the world they live in. They are unafraid of the unknown, be it people, places or things. Their only teacher is experience. If they have bad experiences, they avoid that which makes them feel bad. A kid won’t touch a hot plate twice. A dog won’t try rotten food twice. This trust with which they face the world makes them fearless. It helps them build instant relationships and opens up the whole world to them. Their only condition being, does this thing or person make me happy? Innocence, I believe, is a value to be cherished. Once lost, it is never to be regained. Never.

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