Jueseppi B: Airport Security: Body Scan Or Body Bag?

“It appears that there is some confusion/discussion/debate over this issue of having to walk through a body scanning machine in order to board a flight at the airports. From what I read, you either walk through the body scanner, or you have the option for a body “pat down”, and the moaning and groaning is that both of these new security measures are violating civil rights, and personal civil liberties. Some are even going as far to say it is sexual harassment, saying the “wand” that has been used in the past should be sufficient.

A newscaster just this morning had the following question – If you have 2 planes on the run-way, ready to go, and you have to wait in line for a scanner/grope session to get on plane A but the people who choose plane B can just walk right on, which plane would YOU choose? Of course, any sane person would wait in line for plane A. But that’s like taking your kid into McDonalds and telling him he can have a hamburger or a cheeseburger, period, because you don’t want to deal with the messy sauce on the Big Mac.

Buttons and zips can be a major cause of frustration, particularly when you’re in a hurry. You can beat this obstacle with a clever device made of heavy duty brass wire. Covered in soft but sturdy foam rubber, the wire has a hook for catching and pulling zippers at one end. At the other, it forms a kind of super-sized needle-threader. You insert through this into the buttonhole to capture and pull the elusive button through. Once closed, the threader can be wiggled to release it from the button.

Generally, most of the insurance company covers only the drivers with age not below twenty five. Another thing is that it should have a clean record of driving or if there are some minor accidents get involve with, it is only minor. Or the other have a major one but make sure that it is not your fault. It is quite important to know that a driver had a fleet insurance. After all, it will be the driver who will get the benefits of the insurance in times of accidents. And the driver’s insurance also must be updated and not outdated. In case that it want to claim, there is no problem in claiming.

An ingenious device I bought to turn the taps on our former gas range is now in the twentieth year of its The Daily Scanner in the studio. I use it to turn dials of mechanical items such as the timer on my workbench and the dashboard of my studio air-conditioner.

“Celebrities can have complete faith that celebrity news website Thirty-Mile-Zone (TMZ) will never be able to tempt a security official to sell their image so that TMZ can then upload it to the Internet for all voyeuristic eyes to behold. We will never see the headline ‘Star John Doe: Full-Body Scan Exposes Penile Implant- TMZ has Exclusive Photo!'”- Jotworks January 7, 2010. I wrote this tongue-in-cheek. We all knew that the scanners would be a problem for celebrities. Shah Rukh Khan is not likely the first to be subjected to the culpable abuse of his privacy.

Don’t know what these milquetoast conservative dudes are worrying about anyway — whatever most of ’em have in their pants probably won’t even show up on a scanning machine.

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Jueseppi B: Airport Security: Body Scan Or Body Bag?

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