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There are a numbers of things to consider when it comes to how to buy cheap acoustic guitars for beginners. It is very easy to go out and buy a top of the range model for a lot of money. These models of guitar will have a great action (distance of the strings from the fretboard), the finish will be near perfect, no jagged edges and the body will have no runs in the lacquer or imperfections around the edges. However you will be paying a premium for this, a premium of up to four times. It is also likely that you will be paying for the reputation of the brand.

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Take your time with your selection. If you are lucky enough to have a local string centre, find out when the jam sessions are and attend. Talk to the mandolin players and get their advice. You might even find a nice used beginner’s mandolin for sale that way.

Which brings us to the present. I’ve gotten a heck of a lot better in a very short period of time. I’m no Hendrix, but I can hold my own on some pretty tough tunes including Queen’s “Killer Queen” I don’t recall ever playing a song with so many chords.

Buy a book. Books seem an obvious choice but most people overlook them. Some people learn well from books and others struggle. If you are one of the latter then skip this tip and try one of the others! For those of you who learn well from pictures then a book is for you. Search Amazon and be sure to check reviews before you buy.

When looking for your new instrument, you should find a model that fits your hand well. For a good fit, your forefinger and thumb should be able to touch each other when your hand is wrapped around the neck or finger board on the first fret. This allows your hand to be capable of making chords that you will need to get through songs..

Acoustic Guitars, also have the same big box shape, but have steel strings for extra sound and a totally different action or “neck feel” as you have to press harder to get a clearer chord sound than the nylon string type. These guitars are great if you are already playing and love to jam loud – but the steel strings are very hard on beginners fingers.

To all beginners, the best advice I can give is to ask questions, try out a lot of mandolins of all styles, manufacturers, models, and price ranges. Then choose the one that plays easily, sounds good to you, and is one that you can afford.

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