Get Your Hayward Pump Ready To Work

SwimmFor most of us a swimming pool might mean nothing more than a huge hole in the ground, filled up with water. However, there is a lot that goes to keep our swimming pools the way they are – clean, fresh and tidy. The machinery that lies in the heart of circulating such clean water into our pools is the swimming pool pumps that lie hidden in the pump house. This is the actual stuff that gives life to your natatorium.

Make sure to monitor and adjust chemical levels as required. If the water is properly balanced and is still cloudy with your reduced filtering, add filtering time in .5 hour increments until you reach an optimal filtering time. Any amount of filtering time reduced will save you money. It’s worth a little trial and error to find your lowest required recirculation time. Do the math, and then save some money.

Hey saving money is important, but it’s not the only trick up a variable speed pool pump’s sleeve. Here are four more reasons why you may want to look into getting one.

If swimming pools become the heart of the occasion, then, Palmetto Pool Service serve as the heart of the swimming pool. Like a human heart, that circulates blood throughout the body, it circulates the water in the swimming pool to make sure it is clean and doesn’t stagnate. A stagnant pool may result to the growth of algae that makes your pool water green. Therefore it is imperative to make sure that your pump is always in good shape.

You can also use a solar pool cover to keep your pool warmer. Even if you live in an already warm climate, this will help retain heat to keep your pool warmer on cloudy days or for nighttime swimming. These covers usually keep your pool around fifteen degrees warmer. If used in addition to a pool heater or pump, they can keep maintenance costs for heating a pool low.

Basically a pump “pushes” water through the piping and filters then back into the pool via the inlet pipes. While it doesn’t seem like it, water is affected by the friction. Too many bends, undersized piping or the wrong filter can significantly add to the work a pump has to do, and can through overwork, shorten its life. In a simple example, if the flow rate through your pump and pipes were to be reduced by 50%, then the back pressure on the pump will be cut to only 25%, that is a big saving on work and power draw.

Ensure all new appliances you purchase are Energy Star approved. This is usually right on the door or somewhere on the front of your new appliance. Energy Star products were made to help save you energy, which in turn saves you money.

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