Dynamic Wealth Management Headlines: Yandex Is Set For $1.3 Billion Stock Offering

We are taught since young not to venture not to be different. Our forefathers want us to work, our teachers want us to study hard and get a job. We always talk about getting a job. We compare jobs, compare whose boss is better and we always look forward for bonuses. We impress other folks by telling them who we work for. We tell them how much we are paid and we compare medical benefits between companies.

The key to successful investing is to determine the various risks you face and then to select the investments that best protect you from those risks. You will almost always find that you face more than one type of risk.

Julius Baer Group Ltd. (BAER), the 121-year-old gérants de fortune, fell 2.9 percent to 30.70 francs after saying it may cut more than 150 jobs unless the market picks up.

What’s the value of your whole estate? For example, how much are you worth if you died today (sorry, not trying to depress you, but this is important if you have a family!).

Worse, do you think the people who put together this online travel business care if my friend makes one red cent? They don’t. Why? Because they are already laughing their way to the bank with the $117,265,000 dollars worth of dreams they stole from innocent, trusting people like you and me and my friend and, let’s face it, $499 is not really that much money when you think that you are buying into a business that’s going to fund your family’s lifestyle.

Property won’t always deliver what you want. Take people that have invested since the peak in 2007 (and since 2006). Typically property values have fallen, they are struggling to re-mortgage their portfolio and are stuck on high interest rates. These high rates mean that rental income isn’t necessarily covering the costs of owning and running the property so their portfolio is running at a loss.

With so many options, how do you choose an investment management firm that is right for you? Do you visit the firm’s website, call and ask questions, or do you ask friends for referrals? Hopefully, you do all three. But there’s more you can do.

My goal is to share this system with anyone who has ever tried, and failed, at network marketing! Not one investor dime has ever been lost while on my watch and now there is no reason for you to fail in network marketing. Just learn how to put the system to work for you! Go to the website and download your free copy of the eBook called The Science of CashFlow. Then you, too, can put it to work in any network marketing company you decide and start winning at this network marketing game.

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Dynamic Wealth Management Headlines: Yandex Is Set For $1.3 Billion Stock Offering

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