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In the past, we paid others for access to their audience. Afterall, what other option was there? If you owned a business ten years ago and you wanted to get your message in front of a massive audience, you needed access to TV, radio and/or print. The owners of these advertising channels charged a pretty penny for access – knowing that it was virtually impossible for any business to build it’s own audience.

These imagined ideals and beliefs then become all important to the H.B.I.T.S. sufferer, whether they are true or not. Just the mere suggestion that their premise might be faulty is enough to trigger a psychotic reaction, which in the case of H.B.I.T.S. patients, can be quite violent because if their imaginations are taken from them, they have nothing left. They have no reality to fall back on.

For example, only two days ago we received an email from a mother who was seeking advice about dealing with her dangerous daughter. This isn’t something we’ve encountered before and is not featured in our book – so if you have examples of this scenario, please let us know.

People need to write to CNN who actually does very daring specials on what we are doing in Iraq; MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann is also speaking out on his show Countdown. Write to whoever you listen to and stomp on the doors of manipulation.

Another nice thing about this piece of software is that it also comes with almost every other type of iptv subscription available (totaling more than 3,000). Some of them include news, music videos, weather, kids, movies, educational, shopping, radio stations, TV shows and many more.

Okay, so let’s look a bit deeper into cartooning. First of all before being too creative you have draw things as you see them. Sorry, but there are NO shortcuts. If you do not have a burning passion to create wonderful cartoons then please do not start-unless of course you only wish to dabble in it.

THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Be like Picasso. If two property agents are selling the same house, one said “For sale, come and view” The other says, “One of a kind, resort-living area for sale” You can see that the 2nd ad slogan will definitely attract more viewers.

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