A Great Guideline In Creating Fancy Dress Costumes

Define your activity areas. What are your childs interests and how could you categorize his/her current toys? Are there new activities that you want to introduce to your child? I came up with these areas: dress up , action figure/race cars, reading area, arts and crafts. There are so many more like musical instruments, trains, pretend kitchen area… the list goes on.

Walk the Plank – Blindfold your guests and have them walk across a long 2 x 4 plank. The later in the evening you play this the funnier it should be, especially after a little Planters Punch. Give out prizes for the players who can walk the plank without falling off.

See, if I’d visited the website first, I would have noted that there were photos of half-naked people there, with mud smeared all over themselves. Hmmmm. Well, thank goodness THAT wasn’t part of the show. But it may as well have been.

When we apply the first law of behavior, however it becomes understandable. The Law of Effect: Behavior that is ‘need fulfilling’ tends to be repeated; Behavior that is not ‘need fulfilling’ tends not to be repeated.

Thrift stores are likely your best bet for finding several of the pieces to use in the assembly of your Captain Jack Sparrow costume. Start with shoes, and look for a pair of black or brown leather boots. Girls’ boots could be used even for a boy’s costume. Next, find a pair of brown pants. Again, because you want the pants to fit somewhat snugly, as they do on Johnny Depp’s Harry Potter backpack, girls pants could be used. An old pair of equestrian riding pants would work perfectly, but a pair of brown cords or brown jeans could work too. You’ll just have to tuck the bottoms into the boots, or pin them to fit snugly around the leg.

Create invitations with a pirate treasure map on one side, and your party details on the other. Roll the invitations and tie with thin cord, then mail in a mailing tube.

The Pilobolus ads mesmerized me with the incredible picture of four dancers/acrobats intertwined in a seemingly impossible stance (similar to the one to the right). Since I’m a huge Cirque du Soleil fan, and love to see performers with amazing and mind-boggling athletic abilities, I definitely wanted to see the show.

Organize a Treasure Hunt – Give all guests a series of clues that will lead to a supply of treasure maps. Make the treasure maps lead to the buried treasure which could be anything your budget allows, including gold-foil chocolate coins, bottles of rum, theater tickets, etc.

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