A Dj Or Party Band? No Contest!

Greensboro, NC has lots of live music; you just have to know where to look. One thing to check out if you’re wanting to see some live music is one of the free local weeklies around town, such as Yes! Weekly or Go Triad. Both of these have a section devoted to music at bars, clubs, restaurants, and other venues in and around Greensboro. Otherwise, check out this detailed list of places to go see live bands, whether local or well known.

Examiner: When does the Zoso cruise start? How much does it cost? Where does it stop in the Caribbean? What songs will you be performing? How did the cruise come together?

The Imperial Palace is located in the center of the strip and often times has some of the cheapest room rates you can find in Las Vegas. On week nights, you can often get room rates as low as $21 per night which is quite a bit less than the other properties nearby. The Imperial Palace is within walking distance to many of the best attractions at most of the strip casinos, such as the fountains at the Bellagio and the Pirate show at Treasure Island. The hotel also features a full service spa and salon for guests to relax.

I’m not a fan of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Never have been. Never will be. Some bands specialise in playing 50’s/60’s covers. My gripe is that it’s always the same 50’s/60’s covers. It’s almost as if only 20 songs came out in that era.

A lot of work I do is with the eighties band, the working bands and function work along with original work and recording! Word of mouth works well. You do a gig or work for one band and if you do a good job, you get recommended and the networking works well this way! It has worked well for me and is part of the music business.

Toology’s Tool tribute show got their start in Houston, Texas. They have been performing since 2005. Check out the band in action in the nearby video box.

Then on Saturday and Sunday July 18th & 19th is the 10th Annual Flying Colors Butterfly Festival at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Admission is $10 Non-member and $8 Members. Experience the thrill of a live butterfly release including swallowtail butterflies. It also features scavenger hunts, crafts, face painting, special presentations and more.

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