4 Ways To Naturally Air Condition Your Home

When it comes to insulating our homes against the rigours of a New York or Chicago winter, far too many of us forget about foam pipe insulation. We remember our wall and ceiling insulation. We might even invest in fibreglass or insulation board options. Yet we forget to protect one of the most crucial elements of our home: the water supply.

Table – The table has been expanded to include values for when the minimum R-Value of https://aeroliteinsulation.co.za required to satisfy is less than R2.5.

Light Colored Walls: light colors reflect light. You should paint your house with light colors and ensure the west side of the house is reflective. This will reduce your house cooling requirements.

Clean the Gutters – The fall leaves are beautiful when they are on the trees but become a nuisance for your home. Water flow from your roof into the gutters, through the spout and away from the foundation is an important process. A clogged gutter system can cause moisture problems that rot roofs, siding, and can even cause moisture to accumulate in your crawl space. This Saturday project should be done at least once if not twice this fall.

The depth of the insulation is very important; however, checking the density of the insulation is also equally important. The blow in insulation type can be fluffed up after it is installed. This is done so that it meets the required depth without actually meeting the required R value. This will settle over time so that the desired R value is achieved as the R value is lowered after it settles down.

The r value of the cellulose that is used is R-3.2 to 3.8 per square inch. The loose filled fiberglass will have an R-value of R-2.2 to 2.7 per inch cube. To achieve the desired R value, you will have to depend on both the depth of the insulation as well as the density.

4) Use Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans are cheap to install as well as to run. Ceiling fans are perfect for mild summer days and are a perfect option for your home.

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